PSS Service - Docs

PageScreenShot Service?

PSS service is a real-time webpage screenshot service, whose main advantage is the possibility of carrying out predefined actions before an image is captured. This actions make PSS Service different from other similar service providers. We execute all your predefined actions, before take snapshots, store images, serve images, and make that images are updated as scheduled. We have simple administration module, which is very easy to set all your capture settings. When you finished with capture settings, simply copy image link and embed picture into your website. 

PSS Service is best for

  • Full web page screenshots
  • Partial web page screenshots, preselected with xpath declaration
  • Web page tumbnail generation
  • Automate capture process with predefined actions, before picture is taken

Integration into your site

Our approach is very simple. For the administration of capture definitions, we have made a special module, which allows you set all the parameters needed for service to work. Module allows test capture settings, make changes and offers you final link, which is crypted with your account api key and secret. With this approach, security is provided. 

Pay safe with PayPal

We provide payment services through PayPal services, which is quickly, as well as secure payment of our services.

Our vision

We try to make our service best on world, for providing web page screenshots. We are now working an API which will allows users to integrate PSS Service into theirs programming language. We are also developing a FTP service, which will save pictures at your FTP account.

Custom solution

If our current service not fit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will develop custom service for you.