About Pricing

Pss Service - Blue

6000 Requests

20 EUR / Month

Pss Service - Green

35000 Requests

60 EUR / Month

Pss Service - Red

160000 Requests

180 EUR / Month

Do you offer free trial?

Yes, when you register, you get 5 day's free access to our service with 300 individual requests.

Unlimited unique URLs?

Yes, you may create snapshots for any address. We don't have a unique address limit, but one capture process is limited to 1 minute.

Can I use my snapshots on multiple websites?

Yes, you may use your snapshots on any website. Just insert image into your site.

Do you have a question?

No problem, we would love to hear from you. Ask us your questions.

Pay monthly, cancel anytime?

Yes, PSS Service is a pay-as-you-go screenshot service. No contracts, cancel anytime. We bill each month. We not refundable payment.


Request is anything that "hits" PSS Service. Returning result will +1 the request count.

I exceeded the number of requests?

We will continue to serve snapshots and contact you about any additional charges.

Need more captures, or custom integration?

No problem. Contact us, and we will find solution for you.